Integrate Electromagnetic Simulation into Workflows

The excellent workflow integration available within CST Studio Suite® provides reliable data exchange options, which help to reduce the design engineer’s workload. CST Studio Suite features superb CAD and EDA data import capabilities. The sophisticated healing mechanisms of CST Studio Suite help restore the integrity of flawed or non-compliant data. A particularly important process as even one corrupted element can prevent the use of the whole part. Fully parametrized models can be imported and design changes are instantly reflected in the simulation model due to the bidirectional link between CAD and simulation. A bidirectional link enables the back annotation of the results of optimizations and parametric design studies directly into the master model. This improves workflow integration and reduces the time and effort needed to optimize a design.

CST Studio Suite offers a powerful and fully parametric CAD interface for constructing and editing simulation models. CST Studio Suite can import models from a wide range of CAD and electronic design automation (EDA) software. The fully parametric two-way links enable modification of a parametric structure directly in the CST Studios Suite, feeding back changes to the original design tool.

CST Studio Suite technology is available directly in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This tight integration facilitates parametric studies in product development and collaboration between contributing teams even further.

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