Parmeterization and Optimization with CST Studio Suite

Parameterization of Simulation Models

CST Studio Suite models can be parameterized regarding their geometric dimensions or material properties. You can introduce parameters at any time, during the modeling process or retrospectively. Users can access their parameterization through the user interface to perform studies of the behavior of a device as its properties change.

Parameter Studies and Automatic Optimization

With a parameter study, users can find the optimum design parameters to achieve a given effect or fulfill a certain goal. They can also adapt material properties to fit material models to measured data.
CST Studio Suite contains several automatic optimization algorithms, both local and global. Local optimizers provide fast convergence but risk converging to a local minimum rather than the overall best solution. On the other hand, global optimizers search the entire problem space but typically require more calculations.

Accelerating the Optimization Process

The time required for an optimization depends on the solution time for an individual electromagnetic simulation as well as on the number of iterations required to come to the optimum solution. High-performance computing techniques can be used to accelerate simulation and optimization for very complex systems, or problems with large numbers of variables.
The overall performance of global optimizers and independent parameter studies benefits from the ability to run individual sets in parallel. Distributed computing can greatly improve the performance for these applications.

CST Studio Suite Optimizers

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