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Structural Simulation
Finite Element Analysis for Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Electromagnetic Simulation
Simulation and Analysis of Electromagnetic Fields
Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation
Steady-State and Transient Internal and External Flow Around and Through Solids and Structures
Multibody System Dynamics & Motion Simulation
Analyse the Motion of Complex Mechanical Systems Under the Application of Mechanical Forces
Vibro-Acoustics Simulation
Simulation and analysis of noise and vibration across the entire audible frequency range
Automation & Optimization
Automate Processes and Workflows and Find Optimal Designs

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The Next-Generation Electric Powertrains

Electric powertrain developer Helix has broken records and won awards for its high-performance electric motors and inverters. It is driving continuous improvements with 3DEXPERIENCE to achieve a finely tuned design and streamline engineering process from concept to manufacturing.

The 3DEXPERIENCE is at the center of everything we do in terms of design and then following through to production.

helix steven walker electric powertrains > Dassault Systèmes
Steve Walker
Principal Design Engineer, Helix

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