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Dassault Systèmes reveals the world we live in through realistic simulation of product, nature & life. We provide high-value end-to-end industry processes for digital engineering, employing state-of-the-art connected multidisciplinary-multiscale simulation applications.

Leveraging simulation early in the design phase can help to reduce development time, reduce the cost of physical testing, and reduce the risk of not meeting certification requirements. SIMULIA solutions enable the Aerospace & Defense industry to rise to the complex challenges by providing accurate multi-scale and multi-physics simulation solutions.

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SIMULIA provides the Transportation & Mobility industry with solutions in which multiscale-multidisciplinary simulation powers discovery, innovation, and optimization. Reach the market quickly – with predictable cost, reduced risk, and an exciting product that consumers want. Simulation is essential for incumbents and disruptors alike.

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Industrial Equipment manufacturers make some of the most complex products in the world under highly competitive market conditions. SIMULIA provides realistic simulation solutions that address a multitude of engineering challenges for industrial equipment manufacturers. We offer easy-to-use analysis tools that allow engineers to optimize designs and make the right trade-offs.

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Data driven, model-based virtual prototyping with multi-scale high-accuracy simulation across physical domains – mechanical, electromagnetic, fluid and thermal – at all stages of the product design process, from early concept evaluation to virtual compliance testing, is the only way to be competitive in the High-Tech industry.

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SIMULIA tools accurately model the wide variety of materials, procedures and load types needed to simulate the human body, medical and surgical equipment, and the manner in which the equipment is used. Structural, thermal, electromagnetic and fluid interactions can all be simulated in the body.

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SIMULIA solutions help the Infrastructure, Energy & Materials industry to predict complex real-world behavior of large structures and equipment, perform linear and non-linear static/dynamic analysis, include effects due to thermal loads and corrosion/degradation, simulate vibrations, fracture, and failure, as well as study the interaction of fluids, gasses and structures.

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Virtual Testing enables designers to simulate how a new product design will behave at every stage of its lifecycle. SIMULIA's realistic simulation applications for Consumer Packaged Goods manufactures span the entire range of a product's lifecycle.

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SIMULIA offers simulation solutions for predicting the strength and deformations in structures in the linear and nonlinear regime. Our pre- and postprocessing technology and sophisticated solvers provide a comprehensive and reliable solution for your simulation and structural analysis needs.

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In the Marine & Offshore industry concerns of safety, reliability, durability  weight, efficiency, environmental impacts and cost must all be balanced. The SIMULIA multi-discipline framework enables cross-functional collaboration required to cut design cycles, optimize designs and provide increased value to businesses and safer products for end users.

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