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Our Product Portfolio for Students and Academics includes best in class multiphysics solutions covering multiple disciplines with Structures, Fluids, Electromagnetics, Motion and Automation & Optimization. These Disciplines are available on 3DEXPERIENCE as well as traditional standalone products like Abaqus, CST Studio Suite, Xflow, PowerFlow, Simpack. We serve Students and Academics with dedicated offers for the disciplines. 

3DEXPERIENCE new student offers!

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Discover SIMULIA Student Edition and Certification Program

The most complete design-to-manufacture package $72 | 72€ | £60 *
Abaqus Learning Edition
Complete solution for realistic simulation
CST STUDIO SUITE Learning Edition
Complete Technology for 3D Electromagnetics
ANTENNA MAGUS Learning Edition
The Leading Antenna Design Tool
Student Certification Program
Increase your employability by getting recognition of your skills in using our solutions

Comparison of Simulation Offers for Students

  3DEXPERIENCE Engineer for Students Abaqus Learning Edition CST Studio Suite Learning Edition Antenna Magus Learning Edition
Simulation Domains Structures, Fluids, Electromagnetics Structures Electromagnetics Electromagnetics (Antenna Synthesis)
Optimization Included (Parametric & non-parametric) - - Base functionality
Model Size Limit
Structures: 1M nodes
Fluids: 5M nodes

1M hexahedrons

80k tetrahedrons

2k surface mesh cells

1K nodes 100k hexahedrons
20k tetrahedrons
500 CAD faces
Limited to 12 antenna types
CPU core limit

4 cores


8 cores

Electromagnetics: 8 cores
1 core 1 CPU (all cores) -
CAD Modeling Advanced Basic Basic -
CAD interfaces SOLIDWORKS; CATIA V5; General (IGES, STEP) SOLIDWORKS (non-associative); General (IGES, STEP) - -
Project Management Included - - -
Collaboration Included - - -
Data Management Included - - -
Learning Material Available- Access to Edu Learning Space & SIMULIA Community Available - Access from SIMULIA Community Available - Access from SIMULIA Community Available - Access from SIMULIA Community
Certification Included - - -
Cloud Storage Included (5GB) - - -
Target Audience Students (Student ID required) Student & private use (non-commercial) Student & private use (non-commercial) Student & private use (non-commercial)
Price $72 | 72€ | £60 - annual lease Free Free Free

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