Infrastructure, Energy & Materials

Manufacturers and suppliers use Realistic Simulation Solutions from SIMULIA to evaluate design alternatives, collaborate on projects and leverage computing resources for more efficient design analysis.

Organizations in the Energy & Materials industry must address tough challenges such as the need to meet stringent environmental and safety standards that require accurate simulations of the behavior of large structures and component parts subjected to myriad stress and wear scenarios. The effects of severe wind, water, radiation, earthquake and operational loads on plants and assets, therefore, need to be predicted rigorously, and taken into account in the design process.

SIMULIA solutions enable you to accurately predict complex real-world behavior of large structures and equipment, perform linear and non-linear static/dynamic analysis, include effects due to thermal loads and corrosion/degradation, simulate vibrations, fracture, and failure, as well as study the interaction of fluids, gasses and structures. Our industry-leading modeling and visualization software coupled with our sophisticated analysis solvers provides a complete and reliable solution for the Energy, Process, and Utilities industry.

DigitalROCK Oil Recovery

DigitalROCK offers the first cloud-based solution to accurately and reliably predict multi-phase flow properties of reservoir rocks, leveraging a proprietary, full-physics digital simulation technology to reduce the time and cost associated with testing core samples. Increasing the volume and speed of analyses that can be performed for a hydrocarbon field provides more and better data in support of key investment decisions, especially for oil and gas companies assessing enhanced oil recovery projects.

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Wind Turbine Systems

SIMULIA offers a comprehensive suite of products for performing engineering simulation and optimization, and enables collaborative solutions to help wind energy companies design wind turbine systems in a cost-effective manner. Abaqus technology can be used for designing and analyzing components and sub-assemblies ranging from composite wind turbine blades to drive trains, bearings, towers and on- and offshore foundations. SIMULIA technology enables collaboration across different groups and companies.

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