A Powerful Portfolio of Electromagnetic Field Solvers

CST Studio Suite® gives customers access to multiple electromagnetic (EM) simulation solvers. The range includes methods such as the finite element method (FEM) the finite integration technique (FIT), and the transmission line matrix method (TLM). The named three methods represent the most powerful general-purpose solvers for electromagnetic simulation tasks. CST Studio Suite offers solution methods in time domain and in frequency domain. The applicability range of the CST Studio Suite solution spans from statics to optical frequencies.

Electromagnetic Solvers by Frequency Range and Application

High-Frequency Electromagnetic Simulation Solvers

With the FIT, FEM and TLM methods CST Studio Suite provides solvers that are ideally suited for high-frequency simulations. FIT and TLM as classical time domain methods can play their advantages for broadband applications, antennas, and complex and detail-rich applications. These solvers can also analyze electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of devices and signal and power integrity. Additional solvers for specialist high-frequency applications such as electrically large or highly resonant structures complement the general-purpose solvers.

Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Simulation Solvers

CST Studio Suite includes FEM solvers dedicated to static and low frequency applications such as electromechanical devices, motors, generators, transformers, and sensors. Opera technology complements this solver set for a comprehensive and highly accurate solution.

Solvers for Charged Particle Dynamics

The simulation of particles in electromagnetic fields is a particular strength of CST Studio Suite. There is a wide range of applications, from electron guns to microwave tubes, from magnetron sputtering to particle accelerator components. We can deliver suitable solvers for the efficient simulation of particle-based devices.

Multiphysics with CST Studio Suite

The presence of electromagnetic fields causes effects from other physics. The losses in materials lead to increases in temperature. The increased temperature can cause deformations to the components that compromise their performance. CST Studio Suite offers multiphysics simulation to analyze these effects. The range of applications includes electronics cooling as well as bio-heat consideration for medical devices. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables a far wider range of multiphysics applications

The Best Solver for Your Application

The seamless integration of the solvers into one user interface in CST Studio Suite enables the easy selection of the most appropriate simulation method for a given problem class. Being able to choose between simulation approaches leads to improved simulation performance and unprecedented simulation reliability through cross-verification.

Time Domain Solver

The Time Domain Solver is a powerful and versatile multi-purpose transient 3D full-wave solver, with both finite integration technique (FIT) and transmission line matrix (TLM) implementations included in a single package. The Time Domain Solver can perform broadband simulations in a single run. Support for hardware acceleration and MPI cluster computing also makes the solver suitable for extremely large, complex and detail-rich simulations.

Applications of the Time Domain Solver:

  • General high-frequency applications using medium-to-large models
  • Transient effects
  • 3D electronics
Time Dmain Solver > Dassault Systèmes

Frequency Domain Solver

The Frequency Domain Solver is a powerful multi-purpose 3D full-wave solver, based on the finite element method (FEM), that offers excellent simulation performance for many types of component. Because the Frequency Domain Solver can calculate all ports at the same time, it is also a very efficient way to simulate multi-port systems such as connectors and arrays. The Frequency Domain Solver includes a model-order reduction (MOR) feature which can accelerate the simulation of resonant structures such as filters.

Applications of the Frequency Domain Solver:

  • General high-frequency applications using small-to-medium-sized models
  • Resonant structures
  • Multi-port systems
  • 3D electronics
Frequency Domain Solver > Dassault Systèmes

Asymptotic Solver

The Asymptotic Solver is a ray tracing solver which is efficient for extremely large structures where a full-wave solver is unnecessary. The Asymptotic Solver is based on the Shooting Bouncing Ray (SBR) method. SBR is an extension to physical optics, and capable of tackling simulations with an electric size of many thousands of wavelengths.

Applications of the Asymptotic Solver:

  • Electrically very large structures
  • Installed performance of antennas
  • Scattering analysis
Asymptotic Solver > Dassault Systèmes

Eigenmode Solver

The Eigenmode Solver is a 3D solver for simulating resonant structures, incorporating the Advanced Krylov Subspace method (AKS), and the Jacobi-Davidson method (JDM). Common applications of the Eigenmode Solver are highly resonant filter structures, high-Q particle accelerator cavities, and slow wave structures such as traveling wave tubes. The Eigenmode Solver supports sensitivity analysis, allowing the direct calculation of the detuning effect of structural deformation.

Applications of the Eigenmode Solver:

  • Filters
  • Cavities
  • Metamaterials and periodic structures
Eigenmode Solver > Dassault Systèmes

Filter Designer 3D

A synthesis tool for designing bandpass and diplexer filters, producing a range of coupling matrix topologies for the application in arbitrary coupled-resonator based technology. It also offers a choice of building blocks to realize 3D filters through the Assembly Modeling. From the Component Library, the user can choose between combline/interdigital coaxial cavities and rectangular waveguides. Alternatively, the user can define customized building blocks of any type of single-mode technology (for example SIW or dielectric pucks).
Functionality provided includes the coupling matrix extraction. It can directly be used as a goal for optimization of a simulation model or for assistance in tuning complex hardware by real-time measurements using a network analyzer.

Applications of Filter Designer3D:

  • Cross-coupled filters for different electromagnetic technologies (for example cavities, microstrips, dielectrics)
  • Assistive tuning for filter hardware (with vector network analyzer link)
FIlter Designer 3D Graphical User Interface > Dassault Systèmes

Integral Equation Solver

The Integral Equation Solver is a 3D full-wave solver, based on the method of moments (MOM) technique with multilevel fast multipole method (MLFMM). The Integral Equation Solver uses a surface integral technique, which makes it much more efficient than full volume methods when simulating large models with lots of empty space. The Integral Equation Solver includes a characteristic mode analysis (CMA) feature which calculates the modes supported by a structure.

Applications of the Integral Equation Solver:

  • High-frequency applications using electrically large models
  • Installed performance
  • Characteristic mode analysis
Integral Equation Solver > Dassault Systèmes

Multilayer Solver

The Multilayer Solver is a 3D full-wave solver, based on the method of moments (MOM) technique. The Multilayer Solver uses a surface integral technique and is optimized for simulating planar microwave structures. The Multilayer Solver includes a characteristic mode analysis (CMA) feature which calculates the modes supported by a structure.

Applications of the Multilayer Solver:

  • MMIC
  • Feeding networks
  • Planar antennas

Hybrid Solver Task

The Hybrid Solver Task allows the Time Domain, Frequency Domain, Integral Equation and Asymptotic Solvers to be linked for hybrid simulation. For simulation projects that involve very wide frequency bands or electrically large structures with very fine details, calculations can be made much more efficient by using different solvers on different parts. Simulated fields are transferred between solvers through field sources, with a bidirectional link between the solvers for more accurate simulation.

Applications of the Hybrid Solver Task:

  • Small antennas on very large structures
  • EMC simulation
  • Human body simulation in complex environments

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