What is Fest3D?

Fest3D is a software tool capable of analyzing complex passive microwave components based on waveguide and coaxial cavity technology. It is fast and delivers high accuracy compared to software tools based on full-segmentation techniques. This suite offers all the capabilities needed for the design of passive components such as optimization and tolerance analysis. Moreover, Fest3D advanced synthesis tools can be used to design bandpass, dual-mode and low-pass filters from user specifications.

Fest3D is based on the integral equation technique efficiently solved by the Method of Moments. In addition, the Boundary Integral-Resonant Mode Expansion (BI-RME) method is employed for extracting the modal chart of complex waveguides with arbitrary cross-section. The successful combination of such methods ensures a high degree of accuracy and a reduction in the computational resources required (in terms of CPU time and memory).

Fest3D is an optional part of CST Studio Suite and is also available as a stand-alone offering.

Analysis Method

The Fest3D analysis method is based on a multimode equivalent network representation of waveguide junctions. Fest3D solves each element in the complete circuit with the best available method, ensuring both efficiency and accuracy. On this basis, Fest3D is able to simulate complex passive devices quickly (in the order of seconds or a few minutes), whereas general-purpose software (based on segmentation techniques such as finite elements or finite differences) can take hours for the simulation of the same structure.

Furthermore, the employed integral equation technique extracts part of the frequency-dependent computations, resulting in a short computational time per frequency point. Users benefit from this advantage particularly for high accuracy requirements, which corresponds to considering many electromagnetic modes to analyze the component.

Fest3D helps analyzing components such as:

  • Filters (combline filters, interdigital filters, waffle-iron filters, dual-mode filters, band-stop filters, ...)
  • Multiplexers (Diplexers, OMUXs, ...)
  • Feeding networks
  • Couplers and Polarizers
  • OMTs
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