Materials are the lifeblood of any experimental lab, essential to each and every activity. From starting reagents and substrates, to laboratory supplies, to samples and novel registered chemical and biological entities, everything needs to be tracked, utilized, and disposed of according to set procedures and rules. However, keeping track of all these varied materials, and all associated data and applicable regulations, quickly becomes cumbersome across even a moderately sized organization.

To increase lab efficiency, specialized materials inventory management and materials registration solutions are needed. Centralized materials inventory management application  can simplify inventory tracking, procurement, and disposal, reducing raw materials waste by up to 30%. Additionally, safety is improved through centralized management of Safety Data Sheets and comprehensive overviews of all hazardous materials stored on each site. Meanwhile, dedicated registration software allows scientists to quickly register, search, and report on a variety of chemical and biological entities, tracking their progress through discovery and development and enabling faster decision-making. Such integrated solutions ensure that data is consistent, easy to find and share, and ensures compliance with GxP guidelines.


  • Increase efficiency through streamlined workflows, easier location of inventory, simplified registration, and faster report creation. Spend up to 75% less time searching for inventory.
  • Increase regulatory compliance with harmonized inventory management across global sites, fewer errors, and GxP compliant workflows.
  • Reduce compliance risks with a better overview of hazardous and flammable materials stored on each site, with better documentation
  • Reduce costs with less wasted/expired materials and centralized procurement
  • Protect IP by maintaining a comprehensive, easily searchable registration database
  • Minimize IT overhead Web-based applications require less IT resources and maintenance

BIOVIA CISPro – Chemical and Material Inventory Management 

BIOVIA CISPro enables organizations to maintain a listing of all the chemicals and materials in each facility on at the container level, keep track of where they are in real-time and monitor usage. CISPro delivers a complete and sustainable solution that allows you to utilize existing workflows, yet streamline your chemical and material inventory management processes.

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BIOVIA Registration

BIOVIA’s Chemical Registration and Biological Registration systems are powerful but easy-to-use web-based solutions for registering and managing unique entities across an organization. Registration of biological entities such as antibodies, hybridomas, immortalized cell lines, plasmids, proteins, siRNAs, yeasts, vaccines, protein-drug conjugates, Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs), linker-payloads, and more is supported out-of-the-box. Chemical structures can be registered individually or in bulk from SD files, with advanced chemical drawing tools, and powerful query capabilities to quickly locate chemicals of interest.

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