With the laboratory being at the heart of every science-based organization, companies need to ensure smooth and efficient lab operations that are compliant with the different local and global regulations.

While regulatory compliance and error reduction were the main drivers for the development of the first Laboratory Information Management Systems, current requirements demand a more modern and agile approach to laboratory supporting systems than the large monolithic systems of the past.

BIOVIA’s Lab Management modules digitalize the processes related to the management of samples, laboratory tasks, studies and instrument metrology. These modules help integrate systems and instruments in the laboratory and automate the transfer of data across lab operations and beyond. This increases the overall lab productivity, consistency and compliance.

Together with our Electronic Lab Notebooks and our applications for Procedure Execution and Materials Management, the Laboratory Management modules complete BIOVIA’s Unified Lab offering. It provides a flexible, platform-based cloud solution that allows organizations to work in an agile cost effective manner while digitalizing and streamline lab workflows for regulated and non-regulated spaces. The future-proof approach allows organizations to orchestrate and control lab operations, manage and track samples and to easily adapt to changing needs.

BIOVIA Samples helps lab operations to manage and track samples over their entire lifecycle.  BIOVIA Task Plan supports the management of laboratory work and provides an overview of their status. BIOVIA Equipment automates instrument data capture and helps manage metrology data. BIOVIA Study Design & Tracking supports design, launch and monitor studies.


  • Increase efficiency through streamlined workflows
  • Increase accuracy and consistency of data, information, and processes
  • Reduce errors and re-work with automated data transfer
  • Increase regulatory compliance though automation and standardization
  • Preserve data integrity with centralized storage of standardized data across an integrated solution
  • Reduce cycle times and costs by removing workflow bottlenecks
  • Minimize IT overhead with web-based applications that require less IT resources and maintenance

BIOVIA Samples
BIOVIA Samples is a web-based application that manages all aspects of sample data within the BIOVIA Unified Lab Management suite of applications, making it easy for scientists to keep track of their lab samples and manage the flow of information.
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BIOVIA Task Plan
With BIOVIA Task Plan, scientists can easily create tasks, assign them to colleagues, and request their completion directly within a single electronic laboratory environment. Additionally, scientists can digitally manage the submission, routing, receiving, tracking and reporting of results originating from laboratory work requests and test orders.
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BIOVIA Equipment
BIOVIA Equipment is a comprehensive application for automated instrument data acquisition and the management of instrument related data and workflows. Dedicated BIOVIA CDS Add-ins allow for bi-directional data exchange with Waters® Empower® and Thermo Fisher Scientific® Chromeleon®. Additionally, it helps manage and track metrology events including required preventative maintenance, calibration and verification events.
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BIOVIA Study Design & Tracking
BIOVIA Study Design & Tracking provides the tools to design and manage multiple study types that are performed in your scientific laboratories offering improved visibility of the experimental design (development) process to the organization.
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