Laboratory Informatics


Science-based organizations need to optimize operations by improving efficiency while maximizing quality and adhering to regulations, while driving innovation. These challenges also apply to the lab environment, which needs to remove inefficiencies and compliance risks and to provide a collaborative environment for innovation. But today’s laboratory workflows are increasingly complex, any inefficiency can greatly slow down the overall process, majorly drive up operating costs, and significantly increase the bottleneck.

The answer is to remove disconnected and paper-based processes that are error-prone and hamper access of relevant data throughout the research, development and manufacturing lifecycle. It is imperative to make decisions as early as possible in the lifecycle, in order to drive innovation and to optimize processes and products. Digital laboratory informatics solutions allow for streamlined and more efficient lab workflows, harmonization and standardization and a fully integrated and automated easy-to-deploy process.

The BIOVIA Unified Lab offers research, development, analytical and QA/QC laboratories a unique opportunity to truly digitalize their lab processes and to connect analytical and process workflows end-to-end. With the Unified Lab from BIOVIA, daily workflows are truly digitalized, non-value added tasks are minimized and organization are able to transform their lab operations. The unified, harmonized and standardized laboratory/resource management and procedure execution of the BIOVIA Unified Lab offering can help achieve your business goals by improving collaborative innovation, increasing productivity, reducing regulatory compliance and safety risk and accelerating time to market. 

The suite of applications that comprise BIOVIA’s Unified Lab are all designed to integrate with each other, offering users a seamless user experience in the lab. The applications are web-based and can be deployed either on the cloud or on premises. Cloud deployment of the Unified Lab increases security, while decreasing the necessary IT overhead and total cost of ownership, providing a dynamic infrastructure for your laboratory informatics. The Unified Lab and can also integrate with existing lab informatics systems for a true digital transformation.


  • 30% reduction in errors
  • 50% reduction in documentation time
  • 40% increase in lab productivity