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Laboratory Informatics


Science-based organizations need to optimize operations by improving efficiency while maximizing quality and adhering to regulations, while driving innovation. These challenges also apply to the lab environment, which needs to remove inefficiencies and compliance risks from lab processes and to provide a collaborative environment for innovation.

The solution is to remove disconnected and paper-based processes that are error-prone and hamper access of relevant data throughout the research, development and manufacturing lifecycle.  It is imperative to make decisions as early as possible in the lifecycle, in order to drive innovation and to optimize processes and products. Digital Laboratory Informatics capabilities allow for streamlined and more efficient lab workflows, harmonization and standardization and a fully integrated and automated easy-to-deploy process. 


  • Speed up the design and development process
  • Leverage accurate and indelible experimental results for more efficient decision-making
  • Track lab activities and processes for greater insight and resource allocation
  • Reduce compliance risks by capturing data directly in the lab and storing it as a single source of truth for all future work
  • Greatly reduce the amount of time spent searching for and collecting data across locations and domains
  • Accelerate approval cycles and reduce rework
  • Drive drug discovery projects based on live scientific data