Co-Simulation with Simpack

The Simpack Multi-Domain Interfaces deliver co-simulation capabilities to our users. Three of those interfaces connect Simpack to MATLAB®, enabling the embedding of Simulink® Models into Simpack, exporting Simpack results to MATLAB and Simpack Simulink co-simulation. Moreover, Simpack can im- and export functional mock-up units (FMU), and a general co-simulation interface.

Simpack MatSIM

MatSIM is an interface for embedding Simulink® models into Simpack. The models are exported from MATLAB® using the Simulink CODER™ (formerly known as Real-Time Workshop®).

Simpack MatSIMi interface > Dassault Systèmes
Simpack Functional Mockup Unit > Dassault Systèmes

Simpack Functional Mock-up Interface

Simpack FMU (Functional Mock-up Unit) Import enables models that comply with the FMI (Functional Mock-up Interface) standard to be imported and used within Simpack.
FMU Import supports two options:

  • FMU for Model Exchange: The Simpack Solver can integrate the continuous states of the FMU
  • FMU for Co-Simulations: the Simpack Solver uses and communicates the FMU model by means of Co-Simulation at user-defined equidistant sample points with any other Simpack element.

FMU Export can export Simpack models as standard FMUs. Presently, FMU Export covers primarily Co-Simulation.


SIMAT is the co-simulation interface between Simpack and MATLAB® and Simulink®. The following functionalities are included:

  • Linear System Interface (export of ABCD matrix to MATLAB)
  • Co-Simulation Interface for coupling Simpack and Simulink.
SImpack SIMAT > Dassault Systèmes

MATLAB Result Export

MATLAB® Result Export enables the user to optionally export all Simpack results in native MATLAB format. All results, as specified in the Simpack model, are exported as .mat file along with the general results generation.

IPC Co-Simulation

IPC Co-Simulation is an interface for coupling Simpack to other simulation software or hardware by means of co-simulation with TCP/IP-based sockets.

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