Flexible Bodies in Simpack Multibody System Simulation

The Simpack flexible body technology enables the inclusion of the behavior of components or systems that exhibit significant deformations or flexibility as opposed to rigid bodies in a Simpack multibody model. Simpack offers different techniques to model flexible bodies ranging from classical linearized beam and finite element model reduction to more advanced non-linear model reduction and co-simulation with the Abaqus solver.


SIMBEAM serves as Simpack's internal flexible beam solver. Simpack's SIMBEAM technology lets users construct 3D flexible structures like drive shafts, leaf springs, or wind turbine blades directly within Simpack. It eliminates the necessity for an external finite element analysis (FEA) package. SIMBEAM can generate models through a classical linear approach. More sophisticated models consider the exact 3D geometric nonlinear deformation of the beam.

Simpack SIMBEAM > Dassault Systemes
Simpack FlexModal > Dassault Systèmes

Simpack FlexModal

Simpack FlexModal offers a seamless integration of Flexible Bodies from various widely used finite element codes into Simpack's Multibody Simulation environment. Furthermore, it enables co-simulation with Abaqus, allowing for the resolution of nonlinear Flexible Body behavior together with the Abaqus solver.

The integration of flexible bodies within the Simpack multibody model gives the user the capacity to consider the dynamics of the mechanical system including the deformation of its components. Simpack use typically modal coordinates approaches that require a limited set of states to describe the deformation of the parts, leading to fast calculation times.

Simpack FlexContact

Simpack FlexContact expands the functionalities of Simpack Contact for flexible bodies.

Through Simpack flexible contact, analysts can conduct simulations that involve contact between deformable bodies with arbitrary geometries. FlexContact also offers optimized algorithms designed for contact between planar 2D contours

Simpack FlexContact > Dassault Systèmes

Simpack Loads Static

One of the main interests of using a multibody solution such as Simpack to evaluate component loads within in a complex mechatronic system. Often, the analyst has to reuse these component loads to perform additional finite element analysis computations to evaluate the mechanical stress and strain of the parts. Simpack Loads Static streamlines this process by automating the creation of finite element input files directly from Simpack simulations.

Key Capabilities:

  • Quick and easy way to export multibody loads to finite element solvers.
  • Support for improved load definition with finite element solvers.
  • Supports all major finite element packages
Simpack Loads Stress and Strain > Dassault Systèmes

Simpack Loads Stress&Strain

In advanced loads analysis involving frequency-rich loads or long time series, the conventional approach of using separate multibody and finite element analysis workflows can be inefficient. This inefficiency is due to the lengthy simulation time required for the FEA package to handle the entire time series. Simpack Loads Stress offers a more streamlined solution, enabling Loads engineers to directly conduct stress analysis within a single multibody analysis, resulting in faster processing execution.

Simpack Loads Durability

Simpack Loads Durability is an add-on to Loads Stress & Strain that enables you to export stress results to fatigue software such as fe-safe.

Simpack Loads Durability > Dassault Systèmes

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