Simulate the Interaction between Humans and Technical Devices

Simpack Biomotion modules enable easy implementation and simulation of the interaction between humans and technical devices. They can simulate the experience of a driver and a passenger in a car, or on a motorcycle. They give insight into human interaction with power tools for occupational health and safety considerations. The areas of applicability range from sports and leisure industry to Aerospace and Defense.

Biomotion Car Driver

Biomotion Car Driver for Simpack is a unique solution to analyze the driver-steering interaction in a MBS-simulation. Implementing a human driver model as an "actuator" for the steering wheel in a Simpack car model enables the analysis of the mechanical interaction between the driver and the vehicle. As the driver influences acceleration values for steering wheel and back- or headrest, the Biomotion Car Driver enhances the prediction quality of simulation-based drivability rating.

Simpack Biomotion Car Driver > Dassault Systèmes

Biomotion Force Elements

Additional Force Elements for the implementation of biomechanical human body models, which can help to analyze ride comfort, handling, occupational safety or other man-machine interactions. A compatible human-body-model generator is available at Biomotion Solutions.

Biomotion Motorcycle Rider

A motion controller for a highly detailed rider model, designed for motorcycle dynamics analysis using SIMPACK Automotive. This module allows the virtual rider to steer the bike by arm movements and not only by artificial steering axis torque. Thus, MC-Rider accounts for realistic rider handlebar interaction, and makes it easier to study resonance effects that can lead to unstable riding models.

Motor Cycle Rider > Dassault Systèmes

Biomotion HAS-Powertool Controller

Hand-Arm System (HAS) for Power Tools is a motion controller designed for Biomotion Force Elements. HAS allows a virtual human operator to hold a power tool in a working pose with one or both hands, while maintaining predefined pressing forces. The controller enables vibration exposure minimization or handling comfort optimization of handheld power tools and power tool performance optimization.

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