Modeling Drivetrains in Simpack

The Simpack Drivetrain Modules enable the simulation of drivetrains within the automotive, wind turbine and railway sectors. The drivetrain modules provide a selection of elements used in power transmission. Besides the named industries, they can therefore help in any field of engineering that requires power transmission.

Simpack Gear Pair > DassaultSystèmes

Gear Pair

The Simpack Force Element Gear Pair is an efficient analytical element used for modeling contact between gear wheels. It supports modeling spur and helical (internal and external), rack and pinion, and bevel gears. It analyzes the effect of micro-geometries on meshing frequencies. The investigation of any non-linear behavior can be carried out, for example backlash, rattle, whine etc.

Drive Line Selection 1

Drive Line Selection 1 is a selection of specialized Force Elements relevant to driveline simulation. It includes the following elements: Cardan Joint, Constant Velocity Joint, Differential Gear Box, and Planetary Gear Box.

Drive Line Selection 2

Drive Line Selection 2 includes the following elements for driveline simulation: Cardan Shaft, Constant Velocity Shaft, Gearbox Synchronizing.

Simpack Driveline TIre Force > Dassault Systèmes


Simpack Belt is a plug-in for belt drive simulations. The model is based on a modal description of the belt, which includes longitudinal and lateral dynamics. It models belt slip. The belt drive, combined with general Simpack Modeling Elements, allows users to include any type of tensioner system for example.

Simpack Belt > Dassault Systèmes
Simpack Shaft Coupling > Dassault Systèmes

Shaft Coupling

Shaft Coupling consists of the element Spline Coupling, which enables the user to model shaft couplings based on tooth contact with involute profile.
Shaft couplings are often used to provide for misalignment in torque transmissions.

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