Collaborate and Share Data in the Same Virtual Environment

Scientific organizations are overwhelmingly embracing the cloud to lower their total cost of ownership and gain flexibility and agility in IT.

BIOVIA ScienceCloud is a scalable cloud solution that supports collaboration across research, development and quality control. It provides a secure, unified environment for informatics solutions from BIOVIA. The cloud enables organizations to set up a robust collaboration workspace quickly and easily with minimal IT support. The system is available anywhere, anytime — and you only pay for what you need to use.

What Does ScienceCloud Do?

ScienceCloud Benefits

Fast and Easy Implementation

  • With no specialized hardware or servers necessary, it is easy to get ScienceCloud applications up and running quickly.

Agility and Flexibility

  • ScienceCloud provides the agility to quickly spin up and spin down new projects, as well as the flexibility to add or remove collaborators from existing projects with minimal effort.

Lower TCO

  • ScienceCloud reduces the IT burden for companies by minimizing customization and implementation efforts and by eliminating the need for specialized hardware, servers, security protocols and IT maintenance.
  • Automatic software updates help to ensure that your solutions are always state-of-the-art.


  • To protect customer data, the ScienceCloud Security Team is committed to applying all standard technologies, guidelines, and best practices of the cloud industry. A testament to that commitment is that ScienceCloud consistently maintains ISO 27001 certification.
  • To meet the growing demands and challenges of security, a multi-layered approach is used for protecting sensitive information transmitted and stored by ScienceCloud applications, networks, systems, and processes. Doing so provides your team with the peace of mind that their data is constantly kept secure. Our security program goes through frequent internal and third-party penetration testing and assessments, including successful audits from our main customers.

BIOVIA ScienceCloud Modules

Learn how BIOVIA ScienceCloud enables social collaboration across global research networks.

BIOVIA ScienceCloud
BIOVIA ScienceCloud Projects
Secure Management of Structured and Unstructured Data
BIOVIA ScienceCloud
BIOVIA ScienceCloud Analysis
A New Approach to Collaborative Scientific Analysis

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