Manage All Scientific Project Data

BIOVIA ScienceCloud Projects is an application for capturing, organizing, searching, and analyzing all the scientific information generated during internal and external research programs.

ScienceCloud Project Capabilities

BIOVIA ScienceCloud Project Data

A collaborative system for storing and tracking of structured scientific data:

  • Flexible, fully-featured chemical registration system
  • Automatic calculation of physico-chemical properties
  • Tracking of logistical information for compounds
  • Biological dictionary to guaranty data quality and standardization.
  • Loading and quality control of Assay results
  • Interactive SAR capabilities
  • Tracking of analytical traces (NMR spectra, assay protocols, IC50 curves)
  • Combine chemical searches and biological searches
  • Zero-footprint chemistry sketcher  for registration or searching.
  • Flexible reporting (e.g. PDF, SDF or Excel)
  • Alerts  to inform project members about  newly available information
  • Pipeline Pilot collection API for automated upload and custom services (e.g. business rules).

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