Scientific Data Analysis on the Cloud

BIOVIA ScienceCloud Analysis offers a browser-based approach to rapidly answering scientific questions, introducing a unique and novel user interface paradigm for advanced scientific analysis and visualization for scientists working in drug discovery.

ScienceCloud Analysis is built on the industry-standard Pipeline Pilot scientific authoring application, and brings the power of Pipeline Pilot to BIOVIA ScienceCloud, the information management and collaboration environment for globally networked researchers. BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot enables the creation and management of scientific protocols and implement standard business rules for partners. You can integrate on-premise Pipeline Pilot systems with ScienceCloud’s web APIs so that data is exchanged easily between on-premise and the cloud, facilitating staged migration to the cloud. Pipeline Pilot protocols can then be run within the ScienceCloud environment for detailed data analysis.

BIOVIA ScienceCloud Analysis Benefits

  • Simple to pick up and use
  • Encourages collaborative analysis
  • Supports the devices your scientists use
  • Integrates with your data and applications
  • Extensible through Pipeline Pilot
  • Run in the cloud or on your local Pipeline Pilot server

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