Solutions with SIMULIA Electromagnetic Simulation Products


Solution Capabilities


Antennas form the basis of modern communications. Antenna design is one of the largest applications areas of CST Studio Suite. Users design and optimize components ranging from miniaturized antennas printed on densely populated PCBs to electrically large arrays and reflector antennas.

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Biological Electromagnetics (BioEM)

BioEM is the study of how fields propagate through and interact with the human body. BioEM is relevant to the design of medical systems such as MRI and implanted devices, but also to the analysis of communication devices and other systems that expose the human to EM fields.

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Filters and multiplexers allow for the combination of a large number of frequency channels into a common path, or alternatively, the separation of carriers into different physical channels. In general, the design of these passive devices is a
complex task especially when many adjacent channels have to be implemented.

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Particle dynamics

CST Studio Suite includes several tools for designing charged particle devices, including the Particle Tracking Solver, the Particle-in-Cell (PIC) Solver and the Wakefield Solver. These can be used to design beamline components from particle sources, to magnets, to cavities, to absorbers.

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Electromagnetic simulation can be used to design effective shielding mechanisms in order to meet legal requirements.

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Signal Integrity

For electric and electronic components to coexist, signal integrity must be considered.