What is IdEM?

IdEM is a user-friendly tool for the generation of macromodels of linear lumped multi-port structures (via fields, connectors, packages, discontinuities,…), known from their input-output port responses. The raw characterization of the structure can come from measurement or simulation. A suite of advanced and well-conditioned rational fitting modules grants applicability to virtually any kind of characterization. IdEM casts the resulting models in standard SPICE formats for system-level simulations in your design flow. Thus, IdEM enables SPICE model extraction and processing for any kind of linear structure, component, interconnect, package, whatever your native characterization and application area.

IdEM is an optional part of CST Studio Suite® and is also available as a stand-alone offering.

Why IdEM?

IdEM uses best-in-class algorithms to build macromodels, including:

  • Proprietary data causality certification module based on the Hilbert transform
  • Highly scalable rational fitting modules enabling unlimited port counts
  • Top-class passivity enforcement schemes for safe and stable transient simulations.

Thanks to the multiprocessing module, IdEM enables efficient macromodeling of ever-larger structures.

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About IdEM

Fully developed GUI -  all algorithms of IdEM are linked to an intuitive Graphical User Interface.
Easy-to-use – needs little expert knowledge for using most algorithms with standard settings.
Flexible and powerful - a rich set of control parameters is available for advanced users.
Accurate and efficient - IdEM uses state-of-the-art fitting algorithms for rational approximations with guaranteed passivity.
Unlimited ports – adopt splitting strategies for handling large port counts without excessive memory requirements.
Data import - import filters are available for Touchstone and other common data formats.
Model export – IdEM can synthesize models as equivalent circuits into common SPICE formats.


Best-in-Class Features

Causality - a proprietary causality check module enables the detection of possible measurement/simulation errors that compromise the physical consistency of the raw data.
Passivity - top-class algorithms are available for model passivity enforcement, ensuring safe use of models in system-level EMC/SI/PI simulations.
Multiprocessing - an advanced module enables multi-thread capabilities, with an extraordinary speed-up in simulation time and guaranteeing an efficient macromodeling of ever-larger structures.

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