Electromagnetics E-seminar Overview

Webinars on Electromagnetic Field Simulation

Different passive sections of a satellite transponder shows how to use the SIMULIA CST Studio Suite environment to design its different components. 

A tour of CST Multiphysics Studio, its main features together with two detailed examples.

An overview of Opera's capabilities with accelerator magnets will be given in this e-seminar.

A dual-band antenna is designed and investigated with a Design of Experiments (DOE) procedure, to find out how geometric changes affect its electrical performance.

The first episode of the Champion e-seminar series contains how to use CST Studio Suite to model and analyze ESD field coupling from the harness to the DUT. Through the visualization of 2D field plots and 3D field animations, the root cause of the problem is identified.

The e-seminar will show how easy is to design IoT devices embedding Virtual Antenna™ with CST Studio Suite.

Discover the benefits of including an electromagnetic simulation in the very beginning of your design process.

It highlights the electromagnetic (EM) technology updates in the major industry process like antenna and microwave component engineering, aerospace communication, electronic design and power electronic EMC analysis.