Biological electromagnetics applications

CST Studio Suite

Biological electromagnetics (BioEM) is the study of how fields propagate through and interact with the human body. BioEM is relevant to the design of medical systems such as MRI and implanted devices, but also to the analysis of communication devices and other systems that expose the human to EM fields.

As measurement is typically not an option inside the human body, EM and multiphysics simulation is the only way to analyze the complex field distribution inside the body, to ensure the functionality of the device as well as to understand and to avoid hazards due to the power absorption inside the tissues. CST Studio Suite can directly calculate all types of specific absorption rate (SAR), including point SAR, 1g and 10g-average SAR and whole-body SAR, and contains a multiphysics module with bio-heat solvers that can calculate temperature distributions including effects of living tissues such as metabolic heating, blood diffusion and human thermoregulation.