Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Simulation and Analysis of Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic simulation software enables engineers to investigate the electromagnetic properties of components or whole systems efficiently. Electromagnetic (EM) systems often pose multiscale challenges, such as very wide frequency ranges and electrically large structures with very fine detail. Dedicated solvers exploit specific numerical technologies for fast and accurate simulation. EM simulation can be applied throughout the entire design process. From the inception of an idea, to the synthesis of components to meet specifications, to analyzing the electromagnetic performance under operational conditions: virtual prototypes are transforming the design cycle.

EM simulation software is a game changer when it comes to reducing the time and cost of bringing a product to market, not just in the high-tech industries of electronics and communication, but also in aerospace, defense, transportation and life sciences. Analysis with EM software ranges from individual components such as antennas, sensors and chips up to entire devices, including aircraft, smartphones and MRI.

Co-design within the SIMULIA product portfolio integrates EM simulation into industry processes, accelerating the process of evaluating the performance, reliability and safety of materials and products before committing to physical prototypes. Multiphysics design flows on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform drive the development process from the earliest stages.

Electromagnetic Applications


Antennas form the basis of modern communications. Antenna design is one of the largest applications areas of CST Studio Suite. Users design and optimize components ranging from miniaturized antennas printed on densely populated PCBs to electrically large arrays and reflector antennas.

Microwave Filters and Components Simulation

SIMULIA electromagnetic simulation solutions provide streamlined workflows for the design and optimization of microwave and RF components. Dedicated simulation technology simplifies synthesis, tuning and analysis of microwave filters

Microwave/RF filter and component simulation

Bioelectromagnetics (BioEM)

BioEM is the study of how fields propagate through and interact with the human body. BioEM is relevant to the design of medical systems such as MRI and implanted devices, but also to the analysis of communication devices and other systems that expose the human to EM fields.

BioEM Simulation

Electromagnetic Compatibility Applications

By including EMC compliant design at an early stage, additional costly development iterations can be avoided later on. Simulation using CST Studio Suite technology allows problems to be identified and corrected from the start of the design process before the first prototype is even built.

Electromagnetic Compatibility simulation


With the high data rates, compact structure and complex layout of modern circuit boards and packages, maintaining signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) can be difficult. CST Studio Suite technology can help engineers design, analyze and improve PCB layouts.

Particle Dynamics

CST Studio Suite technology can be used for designing charged particle devices, ranging from microwave devices such as magnetrons and electron tubes to components for particle accelerators.

Particle Dynamics simulation

Low Frequency (LF) Applications

The low frequency electromagnetic simulation suite is extremely useful for the design of resistive and superconducting magnets, electric machines and for assessing magnetic marine signatures.

Low frequency electromagnetic field simulation

Optical Device Simulation, Plasmonics and Nanophotonics

Optical devices are key components in many areas, such as communications, remote sensing, or medical applications, and their role will only increase in the future. Simulating optical devices helps in optimizing their efficiency and in reducing cost of design and development.

Optical device simulation

SIMULIA Electromagnetic Simulation Products

SIMULIA develops simulation technology that can be used to calculate electromagnetic fields in a wide range of application areas. Depending on your working environment this technology is available to you in the following ways: 

Electromagnetics on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

EM simulation software is a game changer when it comes to reducing the time and cost of bringing a product to market, not just in the high-tech industries of electronics and communication.

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3DEXPERIENCE Works Electromagnetics

Electromagnetics Engineer is a high-performance 3D electromagnetic simulation solution. Powered by the industry proven CST Studio Suite, this cloud-enabled role delivers fast, effective simulation and design guidance of electro-mechanical devices, PCB’s, antennas in a truly multi-physics environment.

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CST Studio Suite

CST Studio Suite is a high-performance 3D EM analysis software package for designing, analyzing and optimizing EM components and systems.

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Antenna Magus

Antenna Magus is a software tool for the acceleration of the antenna design and modeling process. Validated antenna models can be exported to CST Studio Suite from a huge antenna database of over 350 antennas.

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Opera Simulation Software is a Finite Element Analysis software suite which, with its strength in low frequency simulation, is extremely useful for the design of magnets, electric motors and other electrical machines.

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Fest3D is a software tool capable of analyzing complex passive microwave components based on waveguide and coaxial cavity technology in very short computational times with high accuracy compared to mode-matching methods.

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IdEM is a user friendly tool for the generation of SPICE ready macromodels of electrical interconnect structures such as packages, connectors, via fields, discontinuities up to backplane links and complete power delivery networks.

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Spark3D is a unique simulation tool for determining the RF breakdown power level in a wide variety of passive devices, including cavities, waveguides, microstrip and antennas.

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