To keep up in today’s ultra-competitive marketplaces, companies must place a premium on R&D productivity and efficiency. Increasingly, software solutions are implemented using cloud technology, leading to faster deployment, lower IT overhead and total cost of ownership, and increased security.

BIOVIA ScienceCloud is a scalable, cloud-based solution that supports the modern collaborative research environment. It is purpose-built to facilitate rapid deployment of both internal and external projects, and provides a secure unified environment for a wide swath of informatics solutions from BIOVIA. 

What Does ScienceCloud Do?

Components / Modules

BIOVIA ScienceCloud provides a comprehensive collection of scalable tools to support collaborative teams across global research networks:

  • Project Data – A collaboration-oriented scientific data management space
  • Experiments (BIOVIA Notebook) – A flexible, multi-disciplinary, low cost of ownership electronic lab notebook
  • Inventory (BIOVIA CISPro) – A unified system to track and report chemicals, biological, instruments and supplies
  • Assay – A lightweight web application to analyze and manage plate-based screening data
  • Sample for Assay – A powerful application to automate non-value added tasks in managing plate-based samples
  • Analysis – A flexible application for advanced data analysis and visualization