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By leveraging our unique, inherently transient Lattice Boltzmann-based physics PowerFLOW CFD solution performs simulations that accurately predict real world conditions. Using the PowerFLOW suite, engineers evaluate product performance early in the design process prior to any prototype being built — when the impact of change is most significant for design and budgets. PowerFLOW imports fully complex model geometry and accurately and efficiently performs aerodynamic, aeroacoustic and thermal management simulations.

Features & Benefits

  • High fidelity CFD solution. High fidelity transient Lattice Boltzmann based solution, accurate across most flow regimes (laminar to transonic) to solve the most complex CFD design problems in Transportation & Mobility and Aerospace & Defense.

  • No volume & boundary layer meshing. Automated domain discretization and turbulence modeling with wall treatment eliminates the need for manual volume meshing and boundary layer meshing.

  • Highly parallelized & scalable solution. Confidently run PowerFLOW simulations using large number of compute cores on common High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms.

  • Sophisticated physical modeling. Utilize moving geometries and Local Reference Frames (LRF), particle modeling, heat exchanger modeling, porous media with flow, thermal and acoustic effects; Realistic Wind for on-road turbulent wind conditions to simulate real world effects.

  • Coupled thermal solution. Simulate conjugate heat transfer problems with surface and volume conduction, thermal radiation and human thermal using built-in variable interval coupling with PowerTHERM.

  • Coupled heat exchanger solution. Simulate effect of multiple heat exchangers for underhood thermal using coupled PowerCOOL.

  • Automated pre & post processing. Use standardized Application Templates to automate pre & post processing for common applications and customize for specific engineering environments.

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Design Quieter Products
Geometry Preparation for Design Simulation
Streamline and Automate the Simulation Analysis & Reporting Process
PowerTHERM and PowerCOOL - A Complete Thermal Management Solution
Visualization for Results Analysis for Powerflow Simulations

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