PowerINSIGHT - Result Analysis

PowerINSIGHT® enables you to configure and submit simulation templates of varying complexity from full simulation processes to simple post-processing templates, and then perform comparisons of PowerFLOW simulation results. You can browse the results interactively and automatically generate reports. PowerINSIGHT provides your team with the tools to maximize the return on your simulation investment and provides automation, consistency, and insight.

Features & Benefits

  • Run organizer. Manage sets of simulation results and compare past and present projects.
  • Real-time browse & compare. Rapid, interactive browsing of results, including real-time comparison of runs.
  • Rapid report generator. Fast, automated PowerPoint report generation of results.
  • Automatic content generator. Drive creation of all visual content for simulation analysis: images, movies, graphs & tables.
  • GUI based template management.100% graphic template builder.

Key Capabilities


  • Interactively browse and compare run results in real-time.
  • Quick, efficient reviewing and comparison of vast amounts of results.
  • Information is instantly available for timely decisions.


  • Quickly generate compelling reports with run comparisons.
  • Create compelling on-the-fly or standardized presentations.


Repeatable application of best practice analysis methods.


  • Fully automated simulation post-processing from customizable templates.
  • Comprehensive, structured, visual reports are available immediately

Efficient results review

  • Rapidly navigate the results with scene ‘dimensions’, consisting of viewpoints, slice position, and time animations.
  • Orbit views of the model in 3D.
  • Window synchronization for cycling dimensions.
  • Storage of multiple run comparisons.

Automated PowerPoint report generation

  • On-the-fly report creations directly from the content browser.
  • Generate standard reports from customizable templates.

Full aerodynamics & thermal analysis

  • Processes multiple measurement files per run
  • Full PowerVIZ® content support (including sample surfaces and transient data)
  • Supports PowerCOOL® results

Built-in, customizable tables & graphs

  • Display any measurement data, run statistics, PowerCOOL results or imported CSV files.
  • Control aesthetics in the browser and in PowerPoint output.
  • Compare multiple runs in the same table or graph.

Efficient template creation & editing features

  • Centralized results scene definition provides easy template modification.
  • Drag-and-drop template creation.
  • Easily share templates using copy and paste across projects.

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