Isight Basic Component List and Compatibility Information

The following list outlines components available for all Isight package levels. These products are licensed by Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp and can only be used or reproduced in accordance with the terms of such license. SIMULIA does not claim ownership of the third-party products that interface with these components. These third-party products are not SIMULIA Programs and are not warranted or supported by SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes SA, or its subsidiaries.

With the release of Isight/SEE 5.8, Isight runs only on 64-bit platforms. Third-party products for which we create components may still require (or optionally allow) execution on 32-bit platforms. To execute 32-bit third-party programs with Isight/SEE 5.8, users must establish the necessary cross-platform communication environment.

Isight Design Gateway, Runtime Gateway, and Simflow packages

For information about compatibility with specific versions of third-party products, please refer the Isight Program Directory for the particular Isight release.

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