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In today’s complex product development and manufacturing environment, designers and engineers use numerous software tools to design and simulate their products. It often requires chained simulation process flows, where the parameters and results from one software package act as inputs for another. The dependency on a manual data entry process can lower efficiency, slow product development, and introduce errors in modeling and simulation assumptions.

SIMULIA offers market-leading solutions to streamline the use of various software packages.

Isight and the SIMULIA Execution Engine (formerly Fiper) integrate multiple cross-disciplinary models and applications within a simulation process flow. They automate the execution across distributed compute resources, explore the resulting design space, and identify the optimal design parameters within defined constraints.

Our proven simulation, automation and optimization solutions enable engineering teams to:

  • Drastically reduce design cycle time by integrating workflow processes in an automated environment.
  • Deliver reliable, better-quality products through accelerated evaluation of design alternatives.
  • Lower hardware investments through the effective use of legacy systems and job distribution.
  • Eliminate the bottlenecks of ineffective communication by enabling secure design collaboration among partners.


  • Isight is an industry-leading solution that provides engineers with a suite of visual and flexible tools to create simulation process flows. It comprises various applications, including commercial CAD/CAE software, internally developed programs, and Excel spreadsheets—to automate the exploration of design alternatives and identification of optimal performance parameters.
  • Isight enables users to automate simulation process flows and use advanced techniques such as the Design of Experiments, Optimization, Approximations, and Design for Six Sigma to explore the design space thoroughly. Advanced, interactive postprocessing tools allow engineers to analyze the design space from multiple points of view.
  • Isight has a standard library of components, which form the building blocks of Isight process flows. A component is a container with its interface for integrating and running a particular simulation application directly within Isight.
  • The Isight component architecture also supports the integration of customer-proprietary applications. This open integration technology is generic to work with a wide range of internally developed scripts, applications, and databases.

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Isight Pro Components
Integrate or Run Models or Simulation Applications Directly Inside Isight
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Isight Basic Components
Isight Components Available for All Package Levels
Isight Add-on Components
Integrate and Run Models or Simulation Applications Directly within Isight

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