What's New in CST Studio Suite 2018


  • Assembly Modeller with fast 3D system viewer
  • Integrated voxel model poser for human simulation
  • Breathing body models
  • Hybrid Solver Task for bi-directional coupling of T and I Solvers
  • Nastran surface mesh import
  • Space map Drude material
  • Farfield calculation on multilayer substrates

Filter Designer 3D

  • Direct link to optimizer
  • Diplexer design

Integral Equation Solver

  • Dielectrics in Characteristic Mode Analysis (CMA)

Particles Dynamics

  • True transient 3D-EM/circuit co-simulation for PIC and Wake Field Solvers

Interference Task

  • Radio Library


  • Coupling from CST PCB STUDIO® to CST MPHYSICS® STUDIO for thermal PCB analysis