What’s new in CST Studio Suite 2022

Electromagnetic field simulation software

What's New in CST Studio Suite 2022

Advanced Modeling, Schematic and  Post-processing

  • Modeling Stackup bending enhancement
  • Schematic usability enhancement, such as hierarchical Design Studio block and MDIF block
  • Dedicated 5G Post-processing
  • Human model library and other enhancements in Bio- Electromagnetics

Antenna and Microwave Component Design

  • Antenna Array workflows and solver enhancements
  • Eigenmode analysis support for Hexagonal Unit Cells
  • Sensitivity analysis for Geometrical Parameters and post-process tuning


  • Support non-circular drill shapes in PCBS
  • DDR4 Analysis improvements
  • IBIS & IBIS-AMI buffer models – improvements and Component Library examples included
  • Drift diffusion solver for semiconductor devices in micrometer range.

Communication and Detection

  • Meshing robustness and performance improvements
  • Time domain solver performance improvements: MatrixCalc with MPI, 3D field monitors on GPU,general performance improvement
  • Interference task workflow and performance improvements
  • Integral equation solver supports thin planar dielectrics, NFS and symmetry planes
  • Asymptotic solver Channel Impulse Response (CIR), Range/Doppler map

 Electromagnetic Compatibility and interference (EMC/EMI)

  • pRLC solver – Open Boundaries and improved Capacitance Results
  • Direct Access to IDEM fitting in Design Studio
  • Reduced spectral leakage with FFT Windowing for transient tasks in Design Studio
  • Thin Panel support with frequency domain solver
  • Simulation speedup for complex bi-directional cable o-simulation

Electric Drive Design

  • Efficient End-winding simulation (broadband)
  • Powertrain System simulation with Partial RLC Solver now with Linux support of exchange formats. 
  • Considerable speed improvements for Powertrain System Simulation



Enhancements in previous release