Battery Materials


Lithium-ion batteries have fundamentally transformed energy storage, from personal electronics to the ongoing electrification of transportation. Demands for improved safety, battery lifetime and energy density require new battery material choices to be explored: new electrolyte formulations, and novel cathode and anode materials. Research is also exploring paradigm-shifting alternatives to battery materials design such as solid electrolytes and even the replacement of lithium with other, more abundant metals such as sodium, calcium and magnesium. BIOVIA Materials Studio can be applied to study the most fundamental issues of materials design and connect seamlessly with battery cell and pack simulations - providing the link between materials choices and the battery performance.

Empowering the Virtual Design of Battery Materials

BIOVIA Materials Studio supports the characterization and development of existing and novel battery materials. Coupled with the broader portfolio from Dassault Systèmes, materials scientists can accelerate the design of sustainable, safe and reliable batteries.

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