Powering Semiconductor Innovation: From Atoms to Devices

The modern world demands ever faster, more functional electronics devices, and so the components on which they rely must evolve at an ever fast rate. Semiconductors are becoming smaller, drawing less power and have improved bandwidth. But as microchips move ever closer to fundamental limitations because of their physical size, so the manufacturing difficulties increase.

Modeling & Simulation supports the development of these electronic components, from nanoscale semiconductors to flexible organic thin film transistors to bio-sensors by using electronic structure simulations as part of device design. As important is to increase the reliability of integrated circuits by modeling structural, electronic, thermal and mechanical properties of the materials.

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A Complete Modeling & Simulation Toolset

BIOVIA Materials Studio provides a complete modeling & simulation toolset for exploring the key materials properties that underpin the function of semiconductors, transistors and photovoltaics.


Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Elucidate the device characteristics defining electronic properties
  • Determine the impacts of defects on performance
  • Oxide-oxide interface evaluation
  • ALD, CVD precursor evaluation and design
  • Density of states and band gap (with offset) determination
  • Photoresist analysis and gas diffusion analytics
  • Electron transport to generate IV curve to help device design
  • Optical properties for sensing capability
  • Predict emission spectra for transistor materials for use in display technologies
  • Designing thin-film transistors to conform effects of sputtering on crystal form
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Semiconductor Packaging

  • Determine the mesoscopic Heterogeneity in the curing process of resins to assess their thermal expansion during curing stages
  • Calculate the adhesion of the epoxy resins with metal surfaces to address the issues of stability, moisture dependency
  • Structural, and electronic property of solder joints
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