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The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is all about speed. The largest market share is won by those that deliver most quickly on consumer demands. Hence product lifecycles are compressed and getting shorter. At the same time, consumer demands are trending towards personalization, placing significant strain on R&D teams to do more, faster.

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Accelerate Product Development

BIOVIA Materials Studio provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for CPG product design and development by understanding atomic interactions that underpin product behavior. Using modeling and simulation to guide R&D projects significantly accelerates product development, from understanding the lather properties of a new shampoo to quantifying the permeability of dyes in a beauty care product. Companies can focus their laboratory experiments on more promising candidates that are more likely to meet consumer expectations.

Food & Beverage

  • Explore the impacts of environmental conditions on food freshness and appearance, such as chocolate bloom
  • Assess the impacts of substituting plant-based or “green” fats and oils with quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) models
  • Predict the properties of product formulations and optimize them for end markets with native machine learning workflows
  • Generate pharmacophore models to predict new odorants and flavorants with the CATALYST tool in BIOVIA Discovery Studio
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Personal Care

  • Predict skin permeation of active ingredients and additives with BIOVIA COSMOplex
  • Calculate solubility with BIOVIA COSMOtherm
  • Determine the emission and absorption spectra of pigment molecules
  • Identify molecular features that impart desirable consumer properties such as foam formation and stability with QSPR models
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Household products

  • Predict micelle formation to assess detergent activity and behavior
  • Determine the impacts of substituting ingredients with “green” alternatives
  • Calculate thermodynamic properties such as solvent vapor pressure with BIOVIA COSMOtherm to determine their use in aerosols and sprays
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  • Predict the properties of polymers and blends to optimize them for food packaging and transport
  • Determine degradation products of packaging due to the environment
  • Calculate strength of adhesives and understand the mechanism of binding
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