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Scientific Informatics


Scientific discovery arises from the collaboration of diverse teams. The types of content they utilize can be equally as diverse, across disciplines such as cheminformatics, bioinformatics, proteomics, genomics and more. Organizations must ensure that researchers have the tools they need to effectively analyze and share this content to maximize its impact.

Leveraging a common framework for managing scientific content helps facilitate an environment of collaboration across internal and external R&D networks. Researchers can easily aggregate, process and analyze data while rapidly sharing and discussing results. Scientifically-aware tools also help guarantee that researchers have the capabilities they need to explore their data more deeply. Together, such an environment facilitates innovation and helps researchers guide their work via data-driven decisions.


  • Register, track and manage individual projects and product candidates throughout the development pipeline
  • Leverage sophisticated, discipline-specific tools for chemistry and biology to more effectively analyze their data
  • Create and manage a common workspace for collaboration between internal and external teams
  • Remove paper-based workflows to drive efficiency
  • Automate processes to aggregate, blend, analyze and report data and experimental findings