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Data Science

Driving Innovation with Knowledge-driven Decisions

Businesses today are swamped with data. Valuable insights are hidden among different data silos, leading to inefficiencies across the entire organization. While data scientists can help tame the flood of data, qualified individuals are in short supply. As a result, the few on staff are left to deal with piles of ad hoc analyses and manual, labor-intensive projects that yield little value to the organization.

Organizations therefore need a scalable framework to create, validate, and consume data science workflows. From accessing and aggregating data to sophisticated analytics, modeling and reporting, automating these processes allows novice users to get the most of their data while freeing up expert users to focus on more value-added tasks. Utilizing a common framework also ensures best practices are captured and shared enterprise-wide. Democratizing data science helps teams do more with less and unlock the innovations that today’s businesses need to survive and thrive.


  • Automate the blending and preparation of data for analysis
  • Easily implement sophisticated analytics and machine learning models into end-to-end workflows
  • Develop powerful applications in a graphically-based, code-free environment
  • Deploy workflows for easy sharing and reuse
  • Create interactive dashboards for rapid consumption of data


  • on cloud
  • on premise
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  • Scientific Protocol User

    on premise
    Empowers 3DEXPERIENCE users to gain deeper insights from scientific data by leveraging the data science capabilities of BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot (chemistry, machine Learning, image analysis, genomics/proteomics, ETL, numerical analysis, dashboards, etc.) and the expertise of data science experts to execute best practices workflows that facilitate decision-making, risk management, and business growth supporting a wide variety of industries and business processes.
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