The Full Spectrum of Vibro-Acoustic Analysis Methods

Noise and vibration are becoming increasingly important in virtually every industry. Whether you’re designing products to meet interior and exterior noise targets, designing for sound quality, optimizing products to make them lighter, faster and quieter, optimizing the use of materials to reduce weight and cost, minimizing detectability or designing products to survive shocks and harsh vibro-acoustic environments, you need a way to assess the noise and vibration performance of your products.

Wave6 is a new software that provides innovative new analysis methods that enable you to assess the noise and vibration performance of your products across the entire audible frequency range. The software includes new state-of-the-art Structural Finite Elements, Acoustic Finite Elements, Poroelastic Finite Elements, Adaptive PML and Boundary Element methods for modeling the vibro-acoustic response of products at low frequencies. It also includes innovative new Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) methods for modeling the response of products at mid and high frequencies.

All these methods are integrated into a single modern application controlled by a single license. This enables you to combine different analysis methods together within the same model and ensures that all users have access to all methods. All of the methods have been designed to solve efficiently on both workstations and modern HPC clusters, ensuring that you can make maximum use of your on-premise hardware (options are also available for cloud compute).

Advanced Noise and Vibration Analysis Solutions

Discover the key capabilities and reasons to choose Wave6 for your noise and vibration analysis needs. Explore user types, ranging from CFD specialists to vibro-acoustic analysts and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) experts. Learn how Wave6 streamlines the analysis process, making it accessible and efficient across various industries.

Key Capabilities

  • Aero-acoustics of exterior flow noise from a rigid structure
  • Vibro-acoustics by airborne and structure-borne transmission paths
  • Aero-vibro-acoustics of interior wind noise due to fluctuating surface pressures
  • Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) methods for analyzing vibro-acoustic response of components at mid and high frequencies and wave propagation through arbitrary cross-sections
  • Structural finite elements for analyzing vibration of components at low frequencies
  • Acoustic Boundary Elements for simulating acoustic wave propagation in bounded or unbounded acoustic spaces at low frequencies
  • Acoustic finite elements for describing the response of bounded acoustic spaces at low frequencies
  • Linear and quadratic acoustic elements account for variations in acoustic properties due to temperature and pressure variations computed using CFD
Wave6 Analysis Methods
A Comprehensive Solution for Advanced Noise and Vibration Analysis
Wave6 Industry Applications
Wave6 Noise and Vibration Analysis Applied in Industrial Development Processes

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