Technical Excellence in Noise & Vibration Analysis

Noise and vibration analysis is becoming increasingly important in virtually every industry. The need to reduce noise and vibration can arise because of government legislation, new lightweight constructions, use of lower-cost materials, detectability, fatigue failure or increased competitive pressure. Wave6 is ideal to evaluate noise and vibration performance during the design stage for a wide range of industries. It helps in reducing the risk of discovering expensive problems late in the design cycle when physical prototypes become available.

Applications of Noise and Vibration Analysis

Explore the multifaceted applications of Wave6 in noise and vibration analysis across various industries. The prominent industries that reap Wave6’s benefits include Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Goods, Marine & Offshore, and Transportation & Mobility. This overview offers the intricacies of Wave6 capabilities for each sector, from reducing interior aircraft noise to optimizing loudspeaker designs, and discovers how Wave6 contributes to precision analysis, safeguarding innovation and compliance with industry standards.

Aerospace & Defense

  • Interior noise in aircraft, rotorcraft and EVTOLs
  • Optimization of damping treatments on fuselages accounting for pressurization, stress stiffening and non-uniform temperature
  • Design of isolators and sound package
  • Design of PA systems and full spectrum models of speech transmissibility and speech intelligibility
  • Full spectrum methods for assessment of noise exposure for ground crew
  • Design of liners in engine nacelles, accounting for non-uniform temperature, pressure, density and mean flow
  • Incident acoustic wave source models for annular ducts with non-uniform mean flow
  • Propeller noise source models that account for both thickness and loading noise, for both interior and exterior acoustics, including import of unsteady time domain CFD data
  • Models of noise sources, propagation and attenuation in Environment Control Systems
  • Advanced wave-based SEA modeling of fuselages and fairings with rigorous models of wave propagation and scattering
  • Acoustic qualification testing of spacecraft and launch vehicles
  • Advanced accelerated Boundary Element Methods for large fully coupled FE-BEM models of spacecraft and launch vehicles, including solving large models on modern high-performance computing (HPC) clusters
  • Extensive library of loads for modeling excitation from liftoff, aerodynamic loading and random diffuse acoustic field excitation
  • Advanced loudspeaker and loudspeaker array models for modeling Direct Field Acoustic tests, including integrated calibrated loudspeakers from Acoustic Research Systems
  • New methods for full spectrum modeling of shock sources and shock response, including modeling of pyrotechnic devices and frangible joints, shock propagation and attenuation through built up structures and characterization of shock responses for sensitive components
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