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Molecular visualization is a key aspect of the analysis and communication of modeling studies. It enables a mechanistic understanding of a molecule’s structure to be visualized, so that key insights can be shared between computational modeling experts and collaborating team members. 

BIOVIA Discovery Studio Visualizer is a free, feature-rich molecular modeling application for viewing, sharing and analyzing protein and small molecule data. Experts and their colleagues can seamlessly and efficiently exchange results, without loss of either time or scientific information.

The Discovery Studio Visualizer provides a comprehensive collection of features to capture the specific nuances of your research:


  • Visualize and examine very large macromolecule systems (E.g., Ribosomes) using a wide range of display types
  • Support a range of stereo graphical options (E.g., split screen, hardware stereo)
  • Hardware graphics acceleration support for advanced visualization options such as depth cueing, blur and shading capabilities


Molecular graphics are not the only results that you might want to share. Other visualization capabilities include:

  • Sequences, including Chain view support for multi-domain proteins (E.g., Antibodies)
  • 2D and 3D Charting, Histograms, Heat maps and Data tables
  • Map interactions using a comprehensive set of favorable, unfavorable and unsatisfied non-bond monitors
  • Interactivity between multiple graphical views on the same data


    Visualization is more than just about creating a graphical scene; its goal is to communicate and collaborate. With Discovery Studio products you can collaborate with colleagues using Storyboards to:

    • Capture, navigate, animate and share multiple views of structures
    • Incorporate scene transition, timing and auto-play features

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