BIOVIA supports information-driven R&D by delivering unique answers to molecular property, chemical sourcing, bioactivity, and toxicology questions in the context of laboratory workflows—saving time, reducing costs, and enhancing decision confidence.
BIOVIA Databases are available in various formats that can be accessed via in-house installation or hosted service.


Deeply Integrated with the BIOVIA Portfolio

BIOVIA content is accessible out-of-the-box through:

Content to Support your R&D


BIOVIA provides insight into druggability and intelligence on investigational drugs by providing access to one of the world’s leading collections of bioactivity data.


Understand the competitive space for biologically active molecules and develop structure-activity relationships (SARs) using one of the most authoritative and current collections of bioactivity findings for newly launched or developmental drugs.


Anticipate adverse effects based upon chemical structure and link structure with metabolism information in the largest structure-searchable compendium of compounds with reported in vivo and in vitro toxic properties. The Toxicity Database also includes the Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS®) database—a comprehensive collection of basic toxicity information for over 180,000 chemical substances from pharmaceuticals to foodstuffs.


These structure-searchable databases provide supplier compound information including supplier, location, package, purity, and cost information helping you to make informed compound purchasing decisions and cut costs.

Available Chemicals Directory (ACD)

BIOVIA ACD is the Gold Standard for chemical sourcing in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and agrochemical companies worldwide—used and trusted for more than 25 years by over 20,000 scientists at over 500 sites.

Screening Compounds Directory (SCD)

BIOVIA SCD complements BIOVIA ACD by consolidating HTS supplier offerings into an easy-to-access, structure-searchable database of over 9 million compounds within commercially available sample collections.