Metal Alloy Design


Pure metals are generally too soft for demanding industrial applications. They may instead be combined with other metals to create more durable alloy compounds. Materials Studio can be used to design new alloys in silico to meet specific performance criteria and to predict their highly complex phase behavior. This is of particular importance when designing new materials for use in additive manufacturing. The microstructure formed during the solidification process in the flat bed sintering is very sensitive to the specific conditions of the powder bed. The microstructure in turn has a strong influence on the performance of the printed part. In silico methods allow researchers to explore the enormous chemical space to identify novel high-performance alloys and understand the performance of existing ones.

Supporting Metal Alloy Design with BIOVIA Materials Studio

BIOVIA Materials Studio in combination with BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot provides a variety of methods to identify stable multicomponent alloy compositions and predict their corresponding material properties.