BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot Materials Studio Collection

Reduce your R&D workload

Pipeline Pilot helps you get more out of materials science modeling with a number of collections that support materials science R&D. These tools support research in polymers, catalysis, consumer packaged goods, electronics, and other market sectors that rely on materials science. Use the Materials Studio Collection to reduce your workload and get more done by:

  • Automating routine calculations
  • Simplifying multi-step workflows
  • Deploying routine calculations in web-based applications

Materials Science Collections

  • Materials Studio Collection: The Materials Studio Collection combines the powerful modeling tools of Materials Studio with the automation and reporting tools of Pipeline Pilot. The combination provides a powerful tool for in silico development of materials along with an unprecedented ability to integrate experimental data with computation.
  • Polymer Properties (Synthia) Collection: The Synthia collection provides a method for the fast estimation of properties of bulk amorphous homopolymers and random copolymers based on repeat unit information, molecular weight and temperature.