Molecular Modeling & Simulation


Declining R&D productivity is forcing organizations to think outside the box to keep up with increasing customer demands. Relying on physical experimentation alone is not economically sustainable in such a climate. Researchers need to facilitate a deeper understanding of both how and why their products work to better tie them to project and business goals.

Modeling & Simulation provides a snapshot of the fundamental atomic interactions supporting product performance. In silico testing allows researchers to test concepts with minimum risk and lower costs, unlocking new avenues of ideas to explore. By tying the virtual and real worlds together, researchers can better guide their projects with virtual tests guiding physical ones and vice-versa. As a result, teams are able to create better performing, safer and cost-effective products, leading to improved customer outcomes.


  • 20% reduction in laboratory experiments
  • Millions of experiments in silico vs. 10 in the lab
  • 3x-9x return on investment
  • 30-50% reduction in project time

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