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BIOVIA Enginuity helps formulators to build, manage, label and launch real-world formulations (e.g., shampoos, lipsticks, rubber compounds, performance coatings, etc.) with all their inherent complexity.  BIOVIA Enginuity offers a highly intuitive digital work environment that leverages process modeling to accelerate the pace of innovation. The solution also supports real-time regulatory compliance, while providing current and historical product development data that significantly increases efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • 20% Reduction in Product Development Time
  • Accelerate reformulation and enable collaboration
  • 30% reduction in Sourcing Costs
  • Streamline regulatory process
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BIOVIA Enginuity Key Capabilities

Real-Time Formula and Plant Cost Analysis

With BIOVIA Enginuity, formulators can accurately estimate product costs, including variations with substitutions. Additionally, Enginuity can estimate production costs in manufacturing, and compare costs at different existing plant locations worldwide. All documentation required for full-scale manufacturing can be prepared automatically, to accelerate plant scale-up.

Multi-formula Editing

BIOVIA Enginuity allows you to compare multiple formulas at the same time, highlighting their differences as edits are made. Users can automatically calculate changes between components or the sum costs of different formula versions, allowing comparisons on the fly.

Real-Time Regulatory Compliance and Label Creation

BIOVIA Enginuity continuously checks your compliance status. The software tracks the composition of the raw materials, the intended product usage and underlying chemistry of the resultant product. While editing a formulation, if a proposed ingredient or amount violates any applicable regulations, the software automatically flags the issue for review and notes the violation, including country-specific regulations.

With BIOVIA Enginuity, a simple wizard-based tool derives the product label copy directly from the formula composition, creating labels that comply with specific country labeling rules eliminating time consuming and error-prone manual work.

Easy-to-use Interface

BIOVIA Enginuity complements the way chemists and formulators already work. Scientists can quickly create new formulations and procedures and easily change them with automatic calculations and ingredient summations.

BIOVIA Enginuity stores all formulations within the software, providing a secure, version-controlled central repository for all formula and product information within the enterprise. Additionally, comprehensive search functions allow scientists to locate information quickly. These capabilities empower the organization to capture, search and globally extend the value of its knowledge. 

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