BIOVIA Enginuity helps formulators to build, manage, label and launch real-world formulations (e.g., shampoos, lipsticks, rubber compounds, performance coatings, etc.) with all their inherent complexity.  BIOVIA Enginuity offers a highly intuitive digital work environment that leverages process modeling to accelerate the pace of innovation. The solution also supports real-time regulatory compliance, while providing current and historical product development data that significantly increases efficiency.

Real-Time Regulatory Compliance and Label Creation
BIOVIA Enginuity gives formulators instantaneous regulatory guidance throughout formulation development, not just after development is completed. This helps eliminate re-work to meet compliance issues. The solution provides secure access to all current and historical product development data, allowing formulators to leverage previous work and reduce raw material costs. Automatically-generated labeling templates simplify local packaging compliance.

Formula and Plant Cost Analysis
With BIOVIA Enginuity, formulators can accurately estimate product costs, including variations with substitutions. Additionally, Enginuity can estimate production costs in manufacturing, and compare costs at different existing plant locations worldwide. All documentation required for full-scale manufacturing can be prepared automatically, to accelerate plant scale-up.

BIOVIA Enginuity is essential for formulations work in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industries like cosmetics, and the pharmaceutical industries, streamlining R&D work processes and accelerating product innovation.


  • 30% reduction in sourcing costs
  • 0% product recalls related to formulation noncompliance
  • 20% reduction in product development time
Business Value
Key Capabilities

By facilitating the management of product complexity as well as the regulatory requirements for global formulations, BIOVIA Enginuity helps to improve productivity, manage costs and speed products to market.