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Systems Biology & Integrative Therapeutics


The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing major transformations to respond to innovation challenges it is facing. R&D productivity is under pressure as regulatory bodies and paying institutions are demanding more and more evidences that a new drug compound addresses an unmet medical need. Among those evidences, in silico predictions and simulation results are rising as a new important piece of the regulatory submission file. This pressure combined with a new external economic environment and the growing market share of generic manufacturers are all taking a serious toll on the short- and long-term performance of pharmaceutical firms.

Dassault Systèmes, in collaboration with industry leaders of the BioIntelligence Consortium, have developed a comprehensive suite of BioPLM solutions to address these challenges and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the drug discovery and development process. Through global scientific collaboration, scientific content federation and semantic search, and virtual modeling and predictive simulations, pharmaceutical researchers and their global ecosystem can quickly and more efficiently create new drugs and improve the success rate of delivering new, better targeted therapeutic solutions.


BioKnowledge Discovery

Leverage a global knowledge compendium through an intuitive navigation experience and unique scientific referential integrating heterogeneous biological data bases. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the collaborative environment enables multisite research project management and increases external ecosystem collaboration.

BioSystems Drug Modeling

Collaborative modeling of biological systems (from pathways to cells to organs) enabling capitalization of proprietary biological hypotheses across drug discovery and development.

BioSystems Drug Simulation

Global solution for calibration, simulation and analysis of biological systems to identify the most appropriate therapeutic strategies; opening new frontiers in understanding complex diseases. 

Drug Efficacy

Predict drug efficacy by quantitatively simulating the evolution of biological endpoints based on systems biology to understand and leverage your experimental data. Model the physiologically based pharmacokinetics of your leading drug and help you design the clinical trial that will reveal the best efficacy. 

Drug Safety

A comprehensive solution to predict drug safety, including immunogenicity risk of biomolecules, long term toxicity based on early phase experimental data, and toxicity of candidate drugs based on chemical and biological discovery data.

Clinical Trial Simulation

Design more informative clinical trials through pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics simulations.  An intuitive and graphical pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics modeling experience enables drug efficacy-safety balance predictability at the population level to design more informative clinical trials.


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  • Clinical Outcome Modeler

    on premise
    Design more informative clinical trials through pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics simulations 
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  • Scientific Decision Maker

    on premise
    Make informed decisions rapidly with complete, synthetic and unique access to consolidated knowledge
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  • Therapeutics Efficacy Modeler

    on premise
    Evaluation of drug efficacy & new therapeutic strategies, and understanding of disease mechanisms through simulation & analysis of biological systems behavior
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  • Therapeutics Knowledge Scientist

    on premise
    Leverage global scientific knowledge through an intuitive navigation experience and a unique enterprise-consistent scientific compendium
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  • Therapeutics Safety Modeler

    on premise
    Predicting and improving the safety of new therapeutics
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