Building Sustainable Life Sciences Companies

Watch John McCarthy, Life Sciences & Healthcare industry expert outlines how to build a more sustainable reputation, one of many big questions on the minds of business leaders today.


Or learn more about strategies deployed to accelerate sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing practices when current approaches aren’t sufficient to meet high sustainability requirements.

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Sustainability-Driven Operational Excellence Throughout the Product Lifecycle

Climate change, limited natural resources, unpredictable economics, increasing regulation and volatile markets – all of these factors show that we cannot continue living and doing business as before. This, coupled with the increased engagement of patients and practitioners in the healthcare ecosystem, has driven Life Sciences companies to focus on sustainability – socially (for patients & healthy citizens), environmentally (for the planet) and economically (for the business).


Achieving operational excellence throughout the product lifecycle can help Life Sciences companies achieve their sustainability goals and provide affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare solutions for all. Life Sciences companies can advance their sustainability journey with powerful and scientific, virtualization tools to model and optimize real world processes and products in the virtual world resulting in:

Medidata Virtual Trials

Improve the entire patient, CRO, and sponsor experience with clinical trial virtualization.


Accelerated Collaborative & Scientific Sustainable Innovation

The Life Sciences industry has changed significantly over the last number of years. With a view to developing new, novel, more effective, quality treatments, industry leaders are exploring new therapeutic areas and approaches, leveraging the latest technology advancements to gain the competitive edge and deliver sustainable scientific innovation. To address this shift, Life Sciences manufacturers look to connect systems, people and data — leveraging digitalization, automation, virtualization, modeling and simulation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a scientific and business platform approach.


Dassault Systèmes’ solutions and the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform provide a unique environment for Life Sciences companies; fostering manufacturing operational and supply chain excellence, automating processes to reduce errors and duplication, synchronizing engineering disciplines, simulating virtual predictive models, replacing physical testing with virtual testing and virtualizing clinical trials to imagine sustainable innovations, capable of improving patient & physician experience.


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows Life Sciences companies to harness the power of the virtual world to create patient-centric sustainable solutions in the real world at unprecedented speed, efficiency, and cost.

Sustainable Drug Development

Innovation and sustainability go hand-in-hand in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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