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In reaction to the healthcare reform mandate, successful Life Sciences companies are reducing costs, demonstrating value and leveraging technology solutions, to improve access to care for everybody, everywhere

Embrace the Industry Shift Towards Outcome-Based Offers.

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Outcome-Based Offers

As patients become more empowered to make their own healthcare decisions, they are demanding value. Hence the need for the Life Sciences companies to shift away from a product-driven model towards one that is value-based, where you are paid for positive outcomes. In this value-driven healthcare system, Life Sciences companies need to demonstrate real, measurable value to regulators, payers, physicians and to patients and in doing so:

Voice of the Patient: Accelerate Clinical Trials and Demonstrate Value with Real World Monitoring

As Life Sciences companies plan and execute on their launch strategies, they require trusted partners that can deliver technology and expert resources that enable success at all phases of the commercial drug lifecycle. Life Sciences companies need expertise and infrastructure to acquire and analyze the right data to answer key questions in the months leading up to a launch. 


By incorporating the voice of the patient and combining clinical trial data with Real World Data (RWD) to power big data analytics, our solutions help create better-integrated evidence and propel organizations to success by finding more patients, anticipating and mitigating barriers to approval, maximizing treatment adherence and outcomes and demonstrating the value of therapies to regulators, patients, payers and providers.


Dassault Systèmes clinical solution; MEDIDATA AI, provides commercial pharmaceutical organizations with the data management and insights needed to maximize brand success. With MEDIDATA AI, you can accelerate the delivery of actionable insights to the forefront of decision-making across research and development, medical and commercialization by using high-quality liquid data, technology, expertise and a thriving ecosystem.

The State of Real-World Evidence in Biopharma

The rapid development of technology — and the resulting avalanche of data — are catalysts for significant change in the biopharmaceutical industry. This translates into urgent pressures for today’s biopharma, including a need to quickly and affordably develop products with proven therapeutic efficacy and value.


3D Printing in Life Sciences - The Future is Already Here

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