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Proactive Total Quality: Medical Device Companies’ Imperative to Thrive


How do I leverage quality as an asset, not a constraint?

Regulatory agencies are demanding increasing transparency and evidence on safety from medical devices makers. This is driving a transformation from documents to data-driven, model-based product management, which encompasses the entire value chain and includes patient data.

A transformation is needed to provide medical device manufacturers with the required traceability, quality and regulatory compliance while eliminating non-value-added activities (EU MDR, UDI, ISO, FDA Case for Quality, 21 CFR part 11….). Data-driven predictive quality helps companies not only to avoid compliance risk, but to also reduce waste and deliver unmatched quality, safety and efficacy.

Innovation has Become the Mantra for Success for Medical Device Manufacturers

The medical device manufacturing industry is growing at an incredible pace while undergoing significant changes. 

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