The medical device manufacturing industry is growing at an incredible pace while undergoing significant changes in terms of efficiency and scope as new technologies push the boundaries of what's possible. Technology is transforming the market with features such as automated, integrated product design, simulation and advanced 3D printing. Medical device product designers must not only create innovative solutions that meet the needs of the intended users but must also navigate an increasingly challenging regulatory environment.

GRIT: Propelling Wheelchair Design Forward

Learn how the right design decision can be the easy decision

Innovating for Health

To deliver medical innovation, improved quality is required to satisfy growing patient expectations for improved experiences and outcomes. Healthcare companies are embracing automation through smart product development and additive manufacturing. Discover in our ebook how to improve patient experiences and outcomes and read how others are already doing this.

Innovating for Health

This eBook explains how medical device manufacturers can improve the patients' experiences and outcomes via smart product development and manufacturing.



A Vision for Creating Personalized Solutions

Hear the inspiring story of Easton LaChapelle - a young man with an interest in making things – anything – with no boundaries. Then he thought he should build something that would help others, and decided he would design a better robotic prosthetic. By connecting with experts on the internet, he learned how to build more efficiently and eventually taught himself how to program on an Arduino/raspberry pi device. Next, he asked for a 3D printer for his 14th birthday, and with trial-and-error, he kept taking his skills to the next level, teaching himself everything he needed. Along this short journey (he is only 23) he has met the U.S. President, Tony Robbins, and many other influential people. He also met a young girl who needed a better prosthetic. What happened next? Listen to the amazing story below.


Born to Design - A vision for creating better Prosthetics with Easton LaChappelle

A young man with a vision of designing state-of-the-art prosthetic arms for children, which he started designing in his bedroom with a basic 3D printer as a teenager. You would not believe where this idea has taken him and who he has met along the way. It’s an amazing journey in a short amount of time.

Born to Design - A vision for creating better Prosthetics with Easton LaChappelle > Dassault Systèmes

With SOLIDWORKS, we have the integrated functionality to quickly develop and support products, enabling our company to grow.

Director of Engineering, Synaptive Medical Inc.

Transforming Life Sciences Manufacturing Challenges into Opportunities

Medical device designers face many hurdles and obstacles during the product development process. The introduction of new technologies, combined with increasing personalization expectations, puts competitive pressure on medical device and equipment manufacturers to leverage automation for product development to create more innovative and complex electromechanical-based treatment and diagnostic systems faster and more affordably. Manufacturers of medical devices and equipment can turn these challenges into opportunities and improve their market position through investments in smart, integrated product development and manufacturing tools, like the integrated SOLIDWORKS 3D product development system. Share the success of some of our customers – Explore their stories below.

In addition to our SOLIDWORKS offers, we have many more medical device manufacturing solutions for the Life Sciences industry. Discover how we can help you optimize your business below.

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