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IASO – Transforming the Patient Experience

Patient Experience is the Next Frontier in Drug Development


How do I improve precision of medicine as well as comfort and usage for the patient?

Personalized health draws on all aspects of our lives. Patients have evolved from being passive recipients of medical care to empowered managers of their own health. They expect medicine that will fit their exact needs and new therapies will deliver such experiences ultimately improving patient adherence.
Patients want to exploit their personal - genomics and behavior - as well as their environmental data for the best therapeutic outcome. Pharmaceutical companies now have to re-imagine trial design, management & execution, and leverage data to accelerate value, reduce risk and optimize outcomes. Therapies need technological advancements in biology, nano-particles, and sensors in wearables, smart objects, and materials, to achieve personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory therapies.
Capitalizing on data and digital to deliver these, holistic therapies enables pharmaceutical companies to create a competitive advantage and deliver superior personalized patient experiences.

An Opportunity for Digital Continuity in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Total Quality in Life Sciences


How do I leverage quality as an asset, not a constraint?

Parmaceutical companies strive for superior patient experiences by providing increasingly complex therapies in complex regulatory environment. Virtual twin experiences have become, the enabler for digital transformation in risk, change and complexity management for Life Sciences companies.
Improved quality and regulatory intelligence, along with data-driven, model-based innovation from drug to processes to supply chain design delivers novel therapies faster and at lower cost without compromising quality.
The goal is to create an integrated framework for end-to-end compliance, embedding quality and regulatory best practices and product traceability from patient to lab.

Harnessing business intelligence by digitally connecting the dots

Break down organizational silos to deliver patient centric innovation


How can I share, improve, and extend knowledge and know-how across my ecosystem?

Life Sciences organizations that digitalize to collaborate and to build the ability to learn and fail fast across the entire innovation continuum will win in the marketplace. 


Open innovation, collaborative research, outsourced clinical trials and manufacturing all accelerate the delivery of differentiated patient experiences. 


Digital enablers transform the way your organization innovates and operates, driving significantly enhanced margins with patient centric experiences and increased productivity and profits.

Pacira Maximizes Production Throughput

Achieving process understanding and optimization


How do I improve agility and productivity across development, manufacturing and logistics?

Complex diseases, pandemic risk, competition as well as new business models for connected and personalized therapies which will be reimbursed based on value, require the wholesale transformation of Product Supply and Operations.


More flexible plants, leveraging data, single use and modular equipment deliver novel therapies at lower cost - both financial as well as environmental and make novel therapies accessible and affordable globally.


Such agile manufacturing technologies require the mastering of processes, tech-transfer and scale-up as well as Quality by Design. This, and the ability to intelligently use the vast amounts of data and leverage sophisticated virtual twin experiences supporting scientists, engineers and operators delivers fast, accurate and at low cost - right first time.

With [Dassault Systèmes'] BIOVIA Discoverant I can see things I didn’t even dream of before.

Ron Ortiz
Director Manufacturing Science & Technology, Pacira
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New Therapies: Bridge Knowledge, Speed and Quality

Accelerate the launch of innovative, sustainable and quality new therapies through a connected digital backbone.

An Opportunity for Digital Continuity in the Pharmaceutical Industry

IDMP compliance requires that the information sent to regulatory agencies be consistent in format and ISO coding.

The Virtual Twin Experience for Biomanufacturing

Disruption, innovation, and global connectivity are all reshaping how biomanufacturers deliver today's novel therapies - the virtual twin experience can help you transform your operations.

Medical Devices: Win the Speed and Quality Race > Life Sciences & Healthcare > Dassault Systèmes®

Medical Devices: Win the Speed and Quality Race

Bring quality medical devices to the market faster with an end-to-end simulation advantage.

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