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Patient Experience is the Next Frontier in Drug Development


How do I improve precision of medicine as well as comfort and usage for the patient?

Personalized health draws on all aspects of our lives. Patients have evolved from being passive recipients of medical care to empowered managers of their own health. They expect medicine that will fit their exact needs and new therapies will deliver such experiences ultimately improving patient adherence.
Patients want to exploit their personal - genomics and behavior - as well as their environmental data for the best therapeutic outcome. Pharmaceutical companies now have to re-imagine trial design, management & execution, and leverage data to accelerate value, reduce risk and optimize outcomes. Therapies need technological advancements in biology, nano-particles, and sensors in wearables, smart objects, and materials, to achieve personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory therapies.
Capitalizing on data and digital to deliver these, holistic therapies enables pharmaceutical companies to create a competitive advantage and deliver superior personalized patient experiences.

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New Therapies: Bridge Knowledge, Speed and Quality

Accelerate the launch of innovative, sustainable and quality new therapies through a connected digital backbone.

An Opportunity for Digital Continuity in the Pharmaceutical Industry

IDMP compliance requires that the information sent to regulatory agencies be consistent in format and ISO coding.

The Virtual Twin Experience for Biomanufacturing

Disruption, innovation, and global connectivity are all reshaping how biomanufacturers deliver today's novel therapies - the virtual twin experience can help you transform your operations.

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